The Story


 It’s because of Scotland.

Adventures by train through the highlands as misty coastlines and cottages would fill my view.

My name is Rebekah and the dream of Virginia Dare Dress Co. started with being a photographer. I love to travel and photographed weddings all over the world but fell in love with the British Isles. The fiercer beauty of these places can awaken something in your heart you’ve never felt before. Over the years, I would find ways to visit time and again.  


When I’d pack for trips, I’d try to bring dresses that make me feel like I belonged on these storybook adventures. Dresses started being a part of my wardrobe because they were simple but so feminine and felt more like my identity. A tomboy romantic?

As much as I love to travel though, I didn’t want trips (few and far between) to be the only time life felt like this.

When I’d come home, I’d try to keep alive the feelings I’d have from these days. When everyday things seem more significant. How could everyday life feel a bit more alive, a bit more beautiful, a storybook in itself?

Again, I thought of dresses. Wearing one could be a simple decision to make that day more beautiful. They bring more grace.

After all, feeling more confident about ourselves changes how we act about the world.


My favorite books as a girl were The Secret Garden and A Little Princess. These stories of making beautiful in the face of sadness were themes that carried over throughout my life. In these stories, the girls’ dusty attics and overgrown gardens were places they discovered or were forced into that they did their best to improve.

The harder the challenges we face the more important (and more difficult) the work is to find the beauty, and in the face of some darker years I learned to love this endeavor.


Dresses might seem insignificant, but if something alters how we feel or think about ourselves or the world around us, it’s no small thing.

I started shopping with more intention since I knew the kind I wanted.

But these dresses proved difficult to find.

Most available today are too short, too boxy or with holes in strange places. They’re made with cheap polyester fabrics, created in compromising factories, with less than excellent fit.

I wanted dresses that were timeless, feminine and youthful without feeling trendy. Casual for everyday wear, versatile so I wouldn’t need many, and with quality that could last for years.

"What if you started a clothing company?"  


A simple conversation gave the answer.  

From that hour I somehow knew it was right. I googled “how to start a fashion business”  and my life changed forever.

My grandfather was a fashion designer in New York and although I'd never really known him, because of the company he came back into my life and began to share his world with me. Because of him, a production house in the Garment District agreed to work with and mentor me and that gave me my first real start.

I talked to the women I had met through photography and heard their thoughts on style and shopping. What they were looking for and what they couldn’t find.

The learning, listening, experimenting and trying continued and when the time was right and with the help of many, I launched a collection of dresses for all of us.  


Today, Virginia Dare Dress Co. is intent on finding our kindreds, creating the clothes they want to wear, and putting quality and thoughtfulness in all we do.

Our team is spread out across the world. We’re dreamers, mothers, artists, travelers, homebodies, lovers of nature, family, and a good cafe. All of our clothing is created in a sewing studio with the highest standards of quality in Central America.    



We hope to join you as you follow your dreams, take those grand adventures and make life beautiful.


The VDDCo. Woman

You look for adventure wherever you go; you know that there’s strength in kindness, and you have a gift for finding beauty in the everyday. You are a do-er and often a dreamer; you believe elegance is timeless, that quality deserves the effort, and that a beautiful life is always worth the making.


Why Virginia Dare?

In 1587 Eleanor and Ananias Dare set out from Great Britain to a land known then only as the New World. After settling on Roanoke Island, they had a child, Virginia Dare. She was the first English person born in the colonies of this new dream and has come to symbolize courage, innocence, and adventure.

Our Team