What happens if I don't love a dress I bought?

We'll do everything we can to send you one you do! Send us an email through the contact page with your name and why the dress didn't work, and we'll be in touch straight away with a postage shipping label (on us!) to send your order back.

How would I not get to return a dress?

If the dress has been washed, worn, stained, or otherwise damaged to make it unsaleable, we can't accept the return. Please keep it pretty! We will not count damages caused during shipment, but please use the packaging provided so we can restock the dress and have it available for our next customer.

How long can I think about it?

30 days from when you receive your parcel.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, just contact us! virginiadaredressco@gmail.com

Can I buy dresses in different sizes and return the ones I don't like? 

Absolutely! Free return shipping is offered to make purchasing as convenient as can be. 

I have more than one discount code. Can I combine them?

Unless otherwise specified, discounts and promotional offers cannot be combined at this time.

Can I send a dress as a gift?

Only if you want to be their forever best friend. Please include any information in the Notes section of your order!

How do I contact you?

Through the contact page, or by email at hello@virginiadaredresses.com.

If you'd be kind enough to mail us a note our address is: 19309 Winmeade Dr. Suite #126 Leesburg, VA 20176

Where can I find a picnic blanket?

Thought you'd never ask. Vintage tablecloths work beautifully! Some local antique or thrift shops should have some collections to rummage through. Best of luck!